Private Equity

Private markets funds have delivered some of the most attractive returns in the market. However, individual investors cannot access these investments due to minimum investment amounts of €10m+ per fund, whilst structural and regulatory complexity also restricts access.

Truffle Invest is a solutions provider for the private wealth industry, enabling private banks, multi-family offices and wealth managers to run effective private markets programs for their clients.

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Private Markets Strategies

Whilst the most well-known, Private Equity is not the only Private Markets investment strategy. Large institutional investors, such as sovereign wealth funds and corporate pension funds, have been investing in Private Markets for decades, benefiting from the unique risk-return characteristics of each strategy type.

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How it Works?

Traditionally, only institutional investors who can invest in excess of €10 million per fund have had access to the private markets. Individual investors and have not been able to participate. Truffle has developed an investment structure that allows intermediaries to offer their clients access to private markets funds with low minimum investment amounts of just €5,000.

Truffle works flexibly with its clients offering a flexible solution that is designed to address the specific requirements of each client and allow them to run an effective private markets program. This can range from an “execution only” service to a full private markets program – including program development, access to leading funds, due diligence, execution & aggregation, and performance reporting.

Truffle’s products are available through leading private asset investment technology, allowing for ease of use and the functionality required by Truffle’s clients.

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Key Product Features